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Quality Control

At our company, we are building trust and establishing a strong position in the market because of our high focus on the quality of our products. We follow a quality control policy that guides every action of our team members and helps us procure the finest for Carton Packaging Machine, Stick Packaging Machine, Top Spout Sachet Pouch Packaging Machine, Mini Doypack Packaging Machine, etc. as per the industry norms. As per the policy, our quality controllers conduct tests to evaluate machines on several standards prior to dispatch. The tests are conducted to check the fluent performance, robust build, durability, and many other attributes of our product-line.

Customer Care

In the business of packaging machines, just selling quality products is not enough. A company needs to work on its services to attain the complete satisfaction of its customers. We realize this, and ensure to provide highly reliable machines to customers, along with their installation, operational, and many other after sale services. Every required machine is provided by us to customers after conducting quality tests and having assurance about its perfection. Our clarity in deals, transparency in trade practices, and market leading rates further make us a preferred company for customers.


We have a smart team at our company, to handle the operations and help us fulfill the market demands for Top Spout Sachet Pouch Packaging Machine, Mini Doypack Packaging Machine, Carton Packaging Machine, Stick Packaging Machine, etc. The team offers us high confidence and the ability to meet the market demands with utmost perfection. Our professionals are honest, punctual, sincere, and skilled enough to well-handle our business tasks and help us lead the industry. Furthermore, our professionals are keen to stay aware of modern technology and help us set benchmarks in the domain.

Our Parent Company

We are a part of the renowned Shanghai Ingram Micro Packaging Technology Co., Ltd., which is a leading supplier of automated packaging solutions. This company was formed in 2009 and offers a broad range of plastic flexible packaging machinery and equipment. Our parent company works to address the problem of increasing production costs with innovative solutions.

Why Us?

We are the right company to do business with; because of the following key qualities:

  • Market-leading prices
  • Association with top manufacturers in the market
  • Focus on research and development tasks.
  • Quality control approaches
  • On-time delivery of orders
  • Ethical trade practices

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